“Somos un conjunto hipercomplejo de sistemas, en el que cada sistema engloba al precedente y se halla englobado por el de complejidad superior: así pasamos de la molécula al complejo enzimático (...), luego a las organizaciones intracelulares, luego a las células, de éstas a los órganos, de los órganos a los sistemas, hasta alcanzar el nivel del organismo entero”“Si en un organismo no existen jerarquías, no existe relación de dominio, es porque cada célula, cada órgano, cada sistema, realiza una función cuya finalidad es participar en la conservación de la estructura del conjunto, sin la cual ningún nivel de organización, del más simple al más complejo, podría sobrevivir”H. Laborit

Wrong- New Digital Art BiennaleUNDEFINED LANDSCAPEhttp://0010111000101100.com/isabel-perez-del-pulgar/
Wrong- New Digital Art Biennale(Pavilion 0010111000101100)CuratorElena Garnelohttp://0010111000101100.com/curator/

The Wrong is the largest exhibition of digital art in the world. As a Biennale, it presents more than 1,000 artists, 90 curators and 40 embassies around the world. It brings a lot of disciplines in net.art (photography, video, net.art and web creation).
Each pavilion is a team of artists who create from a topic or concept, suggested by the curator which serves as a guide to implement all the potential creation of each of their artists. All these works are embedded in a web site where the viewer can be the main protagonist of another possible world.
The Wrong concept refers to the glitch image or deconstructed, perverted image of a “wrong” way that leads to a new image, different and a new meaning too. The error in the image becomes success since new meanings are created from the destruction, perversion of the image.
0010111000101100 (. & , in binary language) is a pavilion dedicated to the broad and polysemous exploration of gender. Artists have been invited to freely interpret “gender,” through feminist discourse, abstraction, tropes, humor, analysis, hybridity — via whatever visceral or intellectual path that embodies (or disembodies) the concept to them. By way of this elastic curatorial approach, multiple artistic points of view form a perceptual labyrinth that coincides with the architecture of the pavilion itself. Inspired by the sublime works of Piranesi and the unresolvable constructions of Escher, the structure of the pavilion is as complex as the visions of the artists it contains.
In this space there are artists working across a broad spectrum of digital technologies and net art. They include: Vince McKelvie, Christina McPhee, Laurie Frick, Erica Lapadat-Janzen, Erik Zepka, Esteban Ottasso, Dijana Mijatovic, Vesna Kovacevik, Nick Briz, Anna Russett, Carla Gannis, Mitch Posada, Isabel Perez del Pulgar, Miyö Van Stenis, Violette Bule, Dafna Ganani, Katherine Sultan, Jean-Guillaume La Roux, Xochitl Garcia, Systaime aka Michäel Borräs, Helena Acosta, Carolyn Frischling, Lu Lantana, Elena Gaztelumendi and Elena Romenkova.
The pavilion itself, is a kind of maze, based on the impossible and great architectures from Escher and Piranesi, respectively. Spaces such complex concepts as there will gather.
ELENA GARNELOhttp://0010111000101100.com/curator/

Quick Time 1920x720Códecs: H.264, Lineal PCM, TimecodeTitle: UNDEFINED LANDSCAPE Codec: H264 / 16:9 – 1920 x 720Author: Isabel Pérez del Pulgar Sound:Aime SlavinDuration: 06:22Year of production: 2015Location: Granada (España)Place of production:España