Locke decía que el deseo es el malestar que provoca la experiencia de la ausencia, de la carencia y que ese mismo malestar propicia la actividad humana.
El deseo, pulsión que nos obliga a salir de nuestros limites y conciencia de finitud. Nos sitúa fuera de nosotros mismos  poniéndonos en contacto con lo otro, con lo ajeno, tornándose la limitación en limite de lo posible. El deseo nos expone a la angustia y a la esperanza. Al borde permanente del fracaso porque esa misma pulsión de deseo jamás es superada, lo que nos impulsa constantemente a volver a la acción para alcanzar lo inalcanzable. 
Title: Liquido DeseoCodec: H264 / 16:9 – 1920 x 1080Author: Isabel Pérez del PulgarPerformance: Remedios PazArt Sound: maison06 - Land Elec by Aymeric de Tapol www.laptitemaison.comhttps://archive.orgYear of production: 2020Duration: 05:10Place of production: Francia
VideoWords is the fifth special project by Magmart. And it comes at a particular time, at the turn of the covid19 pandemic, which will undoubtedly mark a global cultural change - for better or for worse we still don't know.The pandemic, and in particular the lockdown measures variously adopted in many countries of the world, has in any case already had a significant impact on the methods of use of the visual arts: closed at home, people have seen the online artistic offer grow exponentially, in especially that of video art. Last but not least, always on the initiative of Magmart, the #videovirus marathon should be remembered.There are therefore the preconditions for video art to try to hook an audience wider than that of the insiders.
With this new project, the focus is this time on words. Fifteen pairs of words, antinomical to each other, which represent as many aspects of life, emotions and human expectations. Thirty international artists, therefore, are called to interpret these words - what they represent - trying to weave a dialogue with the public.As visually represented also in the project logo, the intention is to pierce the viewer's eye so that he sees everything he usually doesn't see - and perhaps he doesn't want to see. Just like in the opening scene of the surrealist 'Un chien andalou', and with the same ambition.The challenge, as always, is in the hands of the artists who take it up. Enrico TomaselliMagmart Festival Art Director